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I recently gave the program a try; before that, I had been speaking with Sharon, who was very helpful in answering my many questions.

I received it around November 22nd  (2012) and so far, I AM feeling a difference. My walking has improved, my digestive system has improved, I feel way more energetic and I just feel overall GOOD.

I also love to read the treatment program and learn about all the things Dr. Gary teaches and then try them and/or look for even more information on them. There’s so much to look forward to every day in learning and becoming enlightened.

I am feeling really good. I walked around my block (about ½ mile) the other night and made it around without the usual “hobble” half way through. I believe I may have been able to go around again! Not only am I trying to eat as recommended as possible, but I pretty much ended sugar (other than from fruits). I still get some caffeine through a product called 5 Hr. Energy. It really helps get through tough periods of the day. It also helps big time with my morning workout program. However, I have been able to cut down from 1 ½ – 2 bottles per day to either ½ or 1 bottle. I’m getting there…I am going to try to give it up all together for Lent.


Sergeant Ed Krawiecki | USA

Hi, my name is Samson and I’m from Phoenix, Arizona. I found your website through a friend.

Lupus: it’s a hard, hard disease. In fact, I couldn’t get out of bed for probably about two months. I just hurt and I felt really depressed. I felt like the doctors were just giving me treatments to help the symptoms, but then it will come back in full force. I was in a lot of pain and very depressed.

Until a friend told me about your website. I like your use of all natural remedies, and it took probably about three weeks, and I started feeling better. And then a whole month went by, and soon I was back to work, I was feeling great.

I just want to thank you Dr. Gary. I know, you can help many others out there too. People don’t have to live a life with Lupus, feeling horrible. They can have a normal life too.

Thank you Dr. Gary.

NZC Note- Lupus is an autoimmune disease similar to MS and the treatment protocol shows excellent results with lupus patients.

Samson from Phoenix, Arizona | Lupus

Dr. Levin,

I am writing to let you know that I have been following your protocol for a little less than four months and I feel fantastic! The left side of my body always felt off, had a very weird sensation and some numbness. I also had MS “relapses” at  least once a year. I have seen my symptoms completely disappear!

My mind feels clearer, I am more energized and my memory has improved. My mood has stabilized and evened out. I don’t feel moody or irritable like I used to. It wasn’t a goal of mine to loose weight as I wasn’t overweight, but I lost 10 pounds and inches as well. I just went off birth control and will see how my diet has to adjust when I become pregnant.

I wanted to thank you for making your protocol available online. I was already following a mind-body, spiritual path for the last 4 years and this was just what I was looking for to take my healing to the next level. I will continue to follow this method and look forward to continued good health!

Kathryn Rhodes

Kathryn Rhodes | USA | 4 Months on the protocol

Hi, Gerald Keys here.
I really wanted to thank you so much! I had MS and every once in a while, it got pretty scary. And a friend recommended Dr. Gary’s website and let me tell you, I read your book from front to back.

The more I read the more convinced I became that I needed to step up and take control of my life and get it back on track.
I suffered from numbness, tingling, and some vision problems and my legs were not working so well, in fact I had a really funny walk.

Anyway, around 6 days after I started on your program I already noticed an excellent improvement and now, after 7 weeks, the results are absolutely amazing! 75% less twitching, no funny walk etc!
I also lost weight and I am really full of energy!

So, I really have to thank Dr. Gary and his knowledge and skills.
So thanks again,
Gerald Keys,
United Kingdom

Gerald Keys, London, United Kingdom

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